Hi there! I'm Alex.

I'm inspired by clever illustration, subway ads that don't suck, urban design, traveling to new places, Bill Murray, photography, website design and much, much more. Currently living in and exploring Gowanus, Brooklyn. Yacht Club, anyone?!


In the Spring of 2011 I was studying Urban Planning at Virginia Tech when I met Nathan Latka, founder and CEO at Heyo. He had just founded a SaaS company from his dorm room and was looking to hire his first employee. I was motivaeted from the moment I realised I was working for a peer just one month my senior.

At Heyo, I worked tierlessly on both marketing and product projects to hone porduct-market fit. Our marketing automation tool helped small businesses around the world to drive lead generation through social campaigns. The business grew to over $1M ARR and exited in 2016.

I am now currently working with Kisi as the Head of Growth. Kisi is an office key management system which has been installed in hundreds of offices and buildings around the world. Kisi is a unique product which allows physical access to be shared and revoked in the cloud.

Words to live by

"Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught." - Oscar Wilde

"To be interesting, be interested." - Dale Carnegie